Students win Trojan PRIDE awards

Fairfield Middle School honored its Trojan PRIDE recipients during its Spring 2018 Recognition Awards Assembly.

Each school year, grade-level teachers at FMS are asked to nominate students who consistently display Trojan PRIDE in and out of the classroom. Trojan PRIDE stands for:

Prepared to learn

Respectful to self and others

Integrity in our actions


Environmentally aware and safe.

Recognized were:

? Ryan Giberson ?can be seen following Trojan PRIDE many times during the day whether it be in the classroom, hallway, or lunchroom. He is exceptionally responsible and uses his time wisely to get his homework done on time making sure it?s done to his best potential, double and triple checking his work many times. He is a good role model to others.?

? Lilly Bergren ?has been a hard working student since the beginning of the school year. She is always the first one to offer to help a classmate and by doing this, helps make the classroom a better place. She takes pride in her work and pushes herself to be better. She doesn?t just settle for ?grade-level? expectations, she works hard and asks how she can do more. Even at this age, it is evident that Lilly will be a successful member of the community and will do good things in the future.?

? Rylan Anderson ?is always polite and respectful. He makes sure he uses integrity in all situations. He is a great role model for others. He does a good job of taking on a leadership role when working with partners or in groups. Rylan can be counted on to be responsible, and he puts good effort into everything he does.?

? Chase Johnston ?always has a good attitude. He is willing to keep trying when things get tough. He works well with others and treats them with respect. He is kind and helpful. I can always count on him to do the right thing. He has worked hard this year to be a leader in and out of the classroom.?

? Emma Wendland ?shows Trojan PRIDE everyday by being prepared and ready to learn. ... she has shown throughout the school year that she has integrity, a personable attitude, has great academic performance, and has been a role model for her peers. Although Emma is involved in extra curricular activities such as band, she is able to stay on top of her classwork while maintaining a good attitude.?

? Maddie Jones ?is a gracious student who always treats others with respect. She includes others and makes sure everyone feels welcome. She has a smile on her face and a kind word for those who may need it. When things get tough, she is a very hard worker who strives to go above and beyond without being asked. She has a great work ethic and is a responsible student who comes to class prepared to learn every day.?

? Lucy Kuehl ?is a quiet leader ... very respectful to everyone around her ... kind and pleasant .... She comes to class prepared and ready to learn every single day. Lucy?s teachers can depend on her to do the right thing all the time. She has set high standards for herself and she strives to meet them daily. She is a positive role model for other students.?

? Cooper Polonsky ?has not only shown he is a great Trojan everyday, but continues to live it daily. ... he exemplifies to all who see him what honor, respect, and hard work will do for a person. Cooper?s interaction with others, positive or negative, never sways the way he studies and lives. He constantly gives all his effort in everything asked of him. He strives to become better ....?

? David Creer ?truly wants and loves to learn. He isn?t afraid to ask questions and persists until he understands something. He likes to be pushed and is always up for a challenge. He has a great work ethic and his teachers can count on him every day. He has a fun sense of humor and a positive outlook ...?

? Airianna Taylor ?has a strong moral compass and leads by her core values. [She has a] desire for a deeper understanding amongst concepts, and taking her new learning into a coaching model, helping her peers understand the ?why? behind a concept. Airianna comes to class ready and eager to learn ... She shows deep respect for her peers and her teachers.?

? Kayla Schubick ?can be counted on to come prepared for class and engages meaningfully with the lessons. We can depend on her to have work completed on time, and she consistently pushes herself to do her best. She always demonstrates respect to her teachers and fellow students by working well with any group and serving as a quiet role model for other students. She shows integrity in all that she does by making good choices and surrounding herself with positive people. She has a great sense of humor and a positive attitude. [Her] hard work, dependability, and demeanor are appreciated.?

? Aiden Lyons is ?driven and is always prepared and ready to go. His willingness to learn and work is evident the moment he comes into the classroom. Aiden has respect for all students and his teachers. He is a great natural leader ... and he shows integrity by doing what needs to do be done and always making wise choices. Aiden?s dependability makes him a stand out in the classroom. You can count on him to work hard and have his work done. Aiden also has a great sense of humor that makes him a joy to have in the classroom. His positive attitude and consistency are appreciated! ?

? Emily Gerleman ?is a polite and quiet leader. ... respectful to peers and adults and values their feedback. She uses the feedback from her teachers to reflect as a learner to push her capabilities. This has resulted in her growth as a student within the FMS community, and taking ownership of her own learning. In addition, Emily has faith in herself and understands what she needs for a quality education, and she is not afraid to advocate for herself.?

? Lillie Sage ?is quietly dedicated to doing her best. Daily she patiently shows kindness, diligence, and every characteristic of Trojan PRIDE ... Seemingly never ruffled by anything, she asks for help when she needs it, offers to help others when she sees their need, and generously gives of herself in every way, yet without drawing any attention to herself.?

? Jayden Burke ?works hard and completes the tasks that are given to her. She is one to make sure that she is not just getting stuff done, but doing it with diligence and care to make sure that she completes the work correctly. Jayden shows Trojan PRIDE by making sure to show integrity both in and out of the classroom. She respects her teachers and takes responsibility for her learning. Jayden is prepared for class on a daily basis and has grown tremendously.?

? Khai Klehm ?shows initiative and leadership consistently in and out of the classroom. He is always very polite and respectful to his peers and teachers. During class he is very efficient and determined to get his assignments done and turned in on time.?

? Thomas Goodwin, ?When it comes to Trojan PRIDE, this young man has set the bar high. In addition to completing and turning in his assignments, he often goes above and beyond expectations. He is respectful to both his peers and his teachers and does a great job listening and working with others. When it comes to integrity, this young man can be counted on to do what is right even when no one is watching. He stays on task and even encourages those around him to stay on task. His teachers and peers can depend on him to give a good effort in class each and every day. This young man does the small things right and has shown a lot of growth since arriving at FMS this year.?