Suicide, mass shootings preventable

To the editor:

Another suicide, this season in Jefferson County of a young 26 year-old girl as well as two street drug overdoses that I know of, fortunately, short of death.

Here is a ?layman?s? explanation entitled ?What makes our kids and soldiers psychotic?? http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2012/12/18/pharmagedon-mass-shootings-what-makes-our-kids-soldiers-psycotic/

When there is a sudden change or stopping of a medication, a person will experience ?compelling? ideations of suicide or homicide.

This is not the real desire of the person but is the effect of the brain dysfunction due to the sudden drug protocol change. It is so compelling that for 3-4 days persons who are poor or non-metabolizers are driven to commit suicide or homicide.

Many, but not enough medications, have ?black box warnings.? Suicide occurs when the person ?blames themselves.? Homicide is when they blame ?others.? Only ?suicide? is listed in the black box as not to alert the society as to a probable cause of mass school shootings.

On the internet site, www.SSRI.org, thousands of cases, including many of children as young as 7 years old, for example, found hanging by a belt in their closet are recorded.

There is, however, a simple test that would do much to prevent these suicides and mass shooting homicides. It is the domain of a field of medicine called pharmacogenetics.

Many hospitals and universities around the country want to make the genetic test (Cytochrome P450 - detox liver enzymes) ?standard of care? before any drug is prescribed in order to determine if a person is a ?non-metabolizer? (which is the case in my own family).

The test is quite inexpensive and Medicaid covers it. The obstruction to ?standard of care? is that the pharmaceutical industry would lose billions in revenue if the public knew.

For example, 10 percent of Caucasians are non-metabolizers and are at risk to increasing psychosis with every pill. When non-metabolizers (unknown to the prescribing entity) becomes more psychotic, traditionally their prescribed ?contraindicated? medication will be increased or if the medication is changed or ceased they will have suicidal or homicidal ideations.

Since it is not ?standard of care? to test the drug metabolism of patients, parents or the patient must insist on the test. It is not only psychiatrists that are prescribing contraindicated medications such as Ritalin and Adderall to young children and adolescents.

Family doctors who know nothing about pharmacogenetics (the field of drug interaction and metabolism rates) are prescribing these medications.

If you have a family member that has ?overdosed? on street drugs or prescription drugs, you might swab their mouths and get the DNA test done, even posthumously. If they are poor metabolizers, you may realize what really happened.

Generally speaking, the physician or hospital cannot be sued successfully because the tests are not ?standard of care.? But you may sue for ?failure to warn.?

If family members would threaten to litigate against the physicians or hospitals - that would go a long way to compel ?standard of care.?


- Eileen Dannemann, Fairfield