Supervisors set public hearing to vacate road

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors discussed the possibility of vacating 160th Street between Nectarine and Nipa avenues, and set a public hearing for 9:30 a.m. Nov. 13 that would move the process forward.

County engineer Scott Cline said that there were only two property owners residing on the road, and that notices had been sent to them.

There will likely be two subsequent public hearings following the one Nov. 13.

The supervisors also discussed gating Nectarine Avenue between 160th Street and Osage Avenue. However, according to Iowa Code, if the county were to gate the road, it wouldn?t be able to remove it.

?Once we gate something, we cannot ungate it,? Supervisor Dick Reed said. ?Only the property owner can do that.?

?We learned a hard lesson a couple of years ago,? Supervisor Lee Dimmitt said. ?We heard from a lot of folks that they didn?t think it was a good idea, and then we found out that we couldn?t undo it.?

During the meeting, the supervisors discussed the various factors about gating a road and how it could affect those using the road as a connector for shorter routes.

Other key factors include the willingness of all property owners residing on the road.

?You can?t landlock anyone ? even if they are a property owner on that road,? Dimmitt said, adding that everyone would also need to have access to the Wheeler/McCarty Cemetery.

The supervisors planned a road tour for Monday aimed at better accessing the road.