Supervisors urge public to heed road closure signs

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met Monday and heard public comment on vacating a portion of Osage Avenue.

Supervisor Dee Sandquist was out of town so the quorum included supervisors Lee Dimmitt and Dick Reed.

As the meeting convened, Dimmitt related a call he received during the recent rain from a resident who was ?irate? because of a road closure in the county. Dimmitt said it?s important to observe road closure signs.

?The creek was rising and we were concerned that it was going to go over the road. Observe those signs, otherwise a driver could find themselves in a dangerous predicament,? said Dimmitt.

The board opened the third and final public hearing on closing and vacating a portion of Osage Avenue from Highway 34 to a point that is 940 feet south of the highway.

Aside from the county residents to whom the property is being ceded, no other comments were offered by the public at any of the hearings. The board approved the vacation without further discussion.

The board approved an amendment to an engineering services agreement for paving work done on 227th Street. The project was finished on Aug. 31. As the work unfolded, additional project requirement were discovered to be necessary including work on a service road. The additional costs totaled about $6,500, half of which would be paid by the state.

County Engineer Scott Cline updated the board on recent roadwork, citing a bridge replaced on 136th Street on Aug. 30. The Secondary Road Department also worked on ditching and erosion control as well as rock hauling and pothole patching around the county.

Cline also warned the county that truck No. 37 was needing a new box.

The subject maintaining ditches came up, and Dimmitt asked if the county or the resident is responsible for mowing and dealing with noxious weeds. Cline explained that residents own their property out to the middle of the road and while the county occasionally mows ditches, the resident is ultimately responsible for abating the nuisance.

In a final piece of business with the county engineer, a step wage increase was approved for a department employee.

Disposal system contractor?s licenses were reinstated for Wally?s Trenching, Plumbing and Heating, Pilcher Construction LLC, and Snyder Plumbing, Cooling, Heating and Electric LLC.

A property tax suspension for a county resident that was previously pending was approved with the receipt of documentation from the Iowa Department of Human Services.

The suspension does not forgive the tax owed, but suspends the payment until the resident can pay or the home is sold and the amount would be taken from the proceeds.

County Assessor Steve Wemmie presented information to the supervisors about the Homestead Tax Credit and military exemption forms. A motion was approved to sign the documents.

The board reappointed Reed to Jefferson County Progressive Housing. The organization is involved with housing for people with low income and special needs.