Teacher raises money to buy students books

A Washington Elementary School teacher is raising money to buy books for her students.

Daniell McEvoy teaches first grade at the school. Every year, elementary school parents have the opportunity to purchase books for their kids through the Scholastic Book Club. McEvoy noticed some parents bought a book every month, while others couldn?t afford to buy any at all. McEvoy didn?t feel that was right, and began asking friends for donations so that each of her 20 students could buy one book per month.

The Scholastic Corporation offers children?s books in a range of prices, some for as little as $1. McEvoy hoped that, if she could raise $180, each of her students could buy a book every month of the school year. McEvoy posted her request for funds on social media in late August, and within one week had received $210. She hopes to continue raising money so that each student can receive a $5 book for Christmas.

McEvoy said it?s important for students to have a home library so they come to view reading as a fun pastime instead of a chore.

?We want them to know that books aren?t something you have to read, but can be something you enjoy,? she said. ?Reading with a parent brings more joy to it. Being able to read a book to their parent gives a child satisfaction and confidence.?

By the end of first grade, students are expected to read at a ?J? level. Books at this level contain multisyllabic words and a story with a plot. As they improve, students will graduate to reading chapter books, such as the popular ?Captain Underpants? series or ?Junie B. Jones? books.

McEvoy and the other teachers have a number of books in their classroom that students can read if they finish their work early. Those are paid for through grants or, in many cases, from the teacher?s own money. The Scholastic Corporation sends teachers a certain number of free books based on how many books they have ordered.