Tell IUB about smart meters

To the editor:

I?m writing to encourage everyone to attend the Iowa Utilities Board/Office of Consumer Advocate public meeting this Thursday night at 5:30 at the Sondheim Center.

This meeting is an opportunity for citizens to place into the public record their objections to the utility meter replacement program proposed by Alliant Energy. Alliant is asking the IUB for permission to replace standard working analog meters on our houses and businesses with ?smart? meters.

Many people are unaware of Alliant?s proposal. Others have heard about ?smart? meters but are unaware of the hundreds of studies calling into question various aspects of the new technology. A quick search online using search words such as ?dangers of smart meters? will yield ample evidence for concern.

For a comprehensive look at these dangers, I recommend the video Take Back Your Power, viewable on YouTube.

As we look forward to this ruling by the IUB, we should be informed by the position taken by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission. In denying the application by their local utility to replace analog meters with ?smart? meters, they ruled that ?The plan presented in the application does not provide a net public benefit and it does not promote the public interest ??

The commission further stipulated that the utility did not demonstrate that ?smart? meters will save money or produce energy efficiency.

The commission also determined that the utility had not evaluated alternatives nor did they show that their customers want the new meters. The commission also expressed concern about data privacy, cybersecurity, the loss of high paying jobs, unreasonable opt-out fees, and insufficient response to public objections.

With this long list of concerns expressed by a government regulatory board, it is no wonder that the Iowa Office of Consumer Advocate has recommended that the Alliant application be denied. There will be many informed Alliant customers at the meeting Thursday night who will be giving voice to their objections.

We intend to gather as a celebration of citizen involvement ? and in hopes of harmoniously achieving a win/win/win for utilities customers, the IUB, and Alliant Energy. Please join us if you have an objection to express or if you want to gather more information about how to insure the integrity of your utility metering.


? Ed Hipp, Fairfield