The Simpsons did it

Boneless wings and bragging rights.

That?s the current stakes in the Simpson house where soon-to-be senior Austin and almost freshman Hannah have combined Family Fued with the home run derby for a contest that has greatly benefited both Trojan summer sports.

So far, the highlight of this duel came Tuesday night when Austin hit a homerun in the first game, giving him three on the season.

Sister Hannah answered with a Schwarber-like shot for her second of the season in her first at-bat of game two.

?The first pitch was a curve outside and when the second pitch was inside, I was licking my lips and thinking yes!?

The Mt. Pleasant third baseman even told her it was a nice hit as she headed for home.

?I saw my dad out there, he was supposed to be announcing but he was over here watching my at-bat and I had the biggest smile on my face while he was hooperin? and hollerin?.?

Her coach Bob Bradfield said he?s never seen a ball hit over the right field shelter before Simpson?s swing.

Trailing her brother 3-2, she decided to tie it up with a hood-denting round tripper over the deepest part of the centerfield fence after ?just trying to get a basehit, nothing special.?

?I thought ?I?m living a dream,? said the still-smiling younger sister.

Of course Austin was getting razed in the dugout following the commotion of his sister?s two home runs and decided to take the lead back with his second homer of the night, giving him a 4-3 advantage with a month left in the regular season.

The contest was concocted by local coach Mick Flattery while the Simpson parents decided the payout of 16 boneless wings from Pizza Hut

?I said I?m 14 and you?re 18, can we do RBI instead?? explained Hannah whose parents said they both have the same swing and chance to hit longballs.

Both of the Simpsons say baseball/softball is their favorite sport and it starts with their father and grandparents who encourage their competitiveness with each other and in general.

The elder Austin decided he needed a way to push his sister after she made varsity.

?She made the team as an eighth grader which is a pretty good accomplishment and I just wanted to push her. I know I?m going to hit better than her because I?m older and she doesn?t know that but she?s chasing me which is good because you always have to chase someone. I didn?t have a brother to be hard on me so I just want to be hard on her because I love her and I want to see her succeed.?

Little sister definitely knows the nudges come from love.

?If it wasn?t for Austin, I wouldn?t be where I am,? suggests Simpson. ?Before games we?re out doing whiffle balls and he makes me get off the couch while I?m watching Family Fued.?

Although she appreciates the help, Hannah does think she?s a good learner.

?Austin is the better athlete and is better at baseball. He can hit 90 mph pitches, but I?m going to say I have the better swing. It?s a little smoother right now,? boasted the younger sibling.

?She?s a stud,? agrees her brother. ?If she keeps working hard, she?s going to go somewhere.

She?s got the Simpson gene when it comes to power.?