Time to do something on gun control

To the editor

Here we go again! Another school shooting ? the 18th in this very young year. That averages out to three a week. It hasn?t happened in Iowa ... yet.

Is the Congress going to sit back and continue to do the bidding of the NRA because they need their money? There is no reason anyone should have an assault rifle. You don?t hunt with them, you don?t trap shoot. It is long past time for something to be done about gun control in this country.

The rest of the world looks at us and wonders, why? Yes, we do need to address mental health. But, to do so there has to be medical health coverage for it and there have to be easily accessible beds available (not just a few clear across the state).

Perhaps we could look at a few other possible reasons for such happenings. Can we look to violence in movies and television shows? How about video games where people (often impressionable young ones) violently shoot up foes on the screen, earning points to do so ? and then they hit a reset button and all the folks they just mowed down are back up again and ready for another round?

Many families have been forced to work multiple jobs just to scrape by. This is no longer the Ozzie and Harriet world ? it is long gone. Reality is hitting us smack in the face.

It is time, right now not later, to look at banning assault rifles, impose strict background checks, and enact some gun control with teeth in it. The USA in not beholden to the NRA and neither should our lawmakers be.


? Carol M. Carlson, Fairfield