Top U.N. court awards Costa Rica territory claimed by Nicaragua

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - Nicaragua was ordered by the UN?s top court on Friday to remove a military base from Costa Rican territory in a ruling seeking to end a decade-long dispute between the Central American neighbors.

Judges at the International Court of Justice found that Costa Rica has sovereignty over the ?whole northern part of Isla Portillas, including the coast?, but excluding Harbour Head Lagoon.

As part of the settlement, the court drew a new maritime boundary between the states, who have had rival claims since 2002, when Nicaragua published maps detailing oil concessions, some of which were in waters claimed by Costa Rica.

Costa Rica had filed the suit in 2014, asking the court to determine its borders with Nicaragua in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean.

In a separate case heard Friday as well, Nicaragua was ordered by the UN?s top court on Friday to pay its neighbor Costa Rica nearly $379,000 dollars in reparations for environmental damage to parts of its wetlands.

The court said Costa Rica should be compensated for the damage caused, the cost of environmental restoration, expenses and interest. The amount must be paid by April 2.