Trojan cross country seniors say goodbye

Another season has concluded as Fairfield says goodbye to four senior cross country members,

Nicole Buch, Gannon Courtright, Darren Roberts and Connor Ryan all ran their last race Oct. 19 at the regional meet in Pella and sat down to discuss their final season and the memories they?ve made over the years.


Nicole Buch
is currently in the weight room getting ready for basketball. She says she runs cross country to stay in shape and because she loves the team chemistry that she can?t explain but says they all get really close during the couple months of the season. Her favorite memories include ping pong and cutting off the practice trail during homecoming week. Buch plans on attending Missouri Southern State University to play basketball.

Gannon Courtright was still running long distances after his season ended, helping push junior Ashley Bloomquist as she prepared for the state meet. He?s also getting ready for wrestling where he expects to compete at 120 again this year, same as last. Not only would Gannon still do cross country if given the chance to decide again, but he wishes he would have started in middle school. He is still deciding on a college but wants to study mechanical engineering.

Darren Roberts has only lifted and ran once since the season has ended, saying that he doesn?t really miss the running. Roberts motivation for joining the team was his lack of stardom at football and he figured he wasn?t that bad at it. He says his long legs make it easier for him to run as opposed to someone with short strides like Gannon, that?s also why he prefers track where he competes as a sprinter. Roberts was going to run cross country in eighth grade but broke his foot, and says he?s glad he finally joined as a freshman. Darren also admits to hating hills but swears he doesn?t take them off.