Trojan Leader: Girls? soccer goalie, senior Kelsey Hollander

Fairfield girls? soccer senior goalie Kelsey Hollander is more giggles than gab off the field, but when the referee blows the whistle, she gets serious as the Trojans field general.

After managing the boys? team as a freshman, Hollander decided to join the girls? team as a sophomore.

?I?ve always been interested in it, and managing the boys? really influenced me to play and I?ve just liked it ever since,? she said.

She switched to goalie last year and says that even though she started late, she would encourage others who may not have played when they were young to join in the fun.

?It doesn?t hurt to try,? said the senior. ?You might find out that you really like it and your team will help you have fun and learn the game.?

The Ledger asked Kelsey a few more questions about her final season and future plans.


What are your college plans? Do you want to play intramural soccer?

Hollander: Yes. I want to play in college for fun and I?m going to Iowa State


What are you going to miss most next year when you?re off at college?

Hollander: I think it?ll be the friends I?m surrounded by and my teammates.


What are your soccer goals?

Hollander: Our team goal is definitely to repeat as conference champs. I think that?s a big goal we have. I also want to beat some of the tougher teams for us like Fort Madison and Keokuk. Those are the ones I?m looking forward to the most.


Do you find that as a senior and the goalie, you have to be a leader? At least vocally.

Hollander: Oh definitely. The goalie needs to be constantly talking to the defenders and telling them where they need to be and their position.


What are you thinking when someone is coming at you with the ball?

Hollander: Get the ball. Block the ball. Make sure it doesn?t go in. *giggling*


Does fear or adrenaline take over?

Hollander: It?s mainly adrenaline, and just thinking get the ball.