Trojan nation honors senior bowlers

Saturday was a day of celebration for the Fairfield bowling program led by Head Coach Lisa Greenig as the team honored its seniors before their final match at Flamingo Lanes in front of a couple dozen spectators.



Once round one started, it was the girls who were in a zone, continuing their upward trend with another season high led by senior Trenady Sammons who tossed a 289 (126, 163) series.

Fellow senior Madison Osborn was 10 pins behind at 279 (132, 147), while junior Jenna Wickenkamp rolled her personal best of 154 on the back end of a 247 series, good for third on the team.

Fourth was senior Allison Krumbolt with a 230 (125, 105) series, followed by sophomore Sophia Mineart with a 220 (120, 100) series, and senior Taylor Blomme with a 210 (115, 95) series.



The day did not goes as well for the boys? squad.

?Many of the boys struggled to find the adjustments they needed,? said Coach Greenig. ?There were too many spares that were missed throughout round one, but I have no doubt this will be a temporary problem and I expect the team to bounce back next week.?

Round one scores for the guys were: Brayden Fishel 374 (193, 181); Dalton Rippey 330 (176, 154); Dakota Storto 309 (188, 121); James Lyman 309 (154, 155); Shane Morrissey (135, 168); and Chance Swan 287 (141, 146).

Fairfield will travel to Mt. Pleasant Thursday for an SEC meet for both boys and girls varsity and junior varsity.



The three senior boys that were honored Saturday were Dakota Storto, James Lyman and Brayden Fishel. They spoke to The Ledger about their big day and senior seasons so far.


Dakota Storto started bowling his junior year after being convinced by a couple of friends and now says it?s the most fun part of his senior year.

For a while, he had the team-high practice game of 258 and plans on attending Iowa Central next year where he hopes to bowl and study auto tech. Storto said, ?I don?t bowl for the glory, I just do it for fun.?


James Lyman?s favorite thing about being a senior is the feeling of being top dog and the freedom to have fun because he?ll be gone next year.

He joined his bowling buddies because he wanted to have some fun and knew he had some good friends already on the team. Lyman had a 413 series and enjoys competing with his fellow seniors in practice to see who can win the ?non-alcoholic beverage frame.? Lyman plans to bowl in his adult life, especially after he finishes college at Iowa State University.


Mr. Bowling on the team, Brayden Fishel, the self-proclaimed bowling know-it-all who started tossing the rock in fifth grade and ?hasn?t stopped since.?

Not only did Brayden set the school record for high series this season when he flung a 387, but he hopes to toss a 400 series soon to extend his high school-score.

Unselfishly, Brayden is also a liaison for the girls team who he finds himself helping, although Coach Greenig swears he gives the same tips she does, but somehow teen-splains it to them.

?I just tell them to stay confident and keep up with the fundamentals. Keep their hand behind the ball and follow through and everything should fall in line. They typically look at me like I?m crazy and then come running over to thank me once they?ve tried it.?

Fishel plans on spending the next two years bowling collegiately for Iowa Central before transferring to either Hawkeye Community or Iowa Weseleyan.

Brayden abides that ?Throwing a ball is always fun, but when you have three close friends, it?s always a better experience.?