Trojan, Panther girls run, jump and throw at Wellman

The Fairfield and Pekin teams ran Thursday in the Hawk Relays at Wellman with the Trojans tying for 10th and the Panthers coming in 16th place in the 17-team field.

Head Coach Jerrod Belzer?s squad was led by senior Aluna Olaniyi who finished third in the 200 meter dash and junior Ashley Bloomquist?s runner-up finish in the 1500 meter. Davis Eidahl?s team was highlighted by a third-place finish in the High Jump by Ellie Ledger.

Student-athletes have a certain lifestyle they must maintain to perform at a peak level.

Fairfield?s Olaniyi gets up around 6:30 a.m. each day and ?tries to eat healthier foods.? A conscious, yet light lunch is the prescription for Olaniyi who trys to avoid ?feeling sick? after her races. Once at the track, she warms up and makes sure she?s sweating and her body and mind ready for her events. Once the Trojan senior hits the blocks, she?s thinking strategy, with one of her biggest issues ?running out of gas? too soon in the race, although Olaniyi says that when it happens, she still ?finishes the race and with a good time.? Otherwise, she?s just trying to remember to stay on her toes.


Team standings

1) Cedar Falls 179

2) Solon 70

3) Mount Vernon 58

4) Mid-Prairie 41.50

5) Western Dubuque 34

6) Cascade 31

7) Northeast 30

8) Charles City 28.50

9) Beckman 26

10) Fairfield 18

10) West Branch 18

12) Wilton 14

13) HLV 11

14) Alburnett 9

14) Independence 9

16) Pekin 7

17) West Liberty 5


100 Meter Dash

8th Emilee Linder, Pekin 13.93

9th Cate Roth, Pekin 14.03

11th Alexis Jones, Fairfield 14.24

19th Tayia McCoy, Fairfield 15.31


200 Meter Dash

3rd Aluna Olaniyi, Fairfield 27.60

10 Sophie Wittrock, Pekin 29.22

11th Cate Roth, Pekin 29.50

16th Kara Jeffrey, Fairfield 30.20


400 Meter Dash

10th Hailey Pohren-Gevock, Fairfield 1:10.05

15th Tayia McCoy, Fairfield 1:14.96

19th Hunter Lock, Pekin 1:17.46

20th Taylor Parmenter, Pekin 1:22.62


800 Meter Run

9th Malory Jones, Fairfield 2:47.54

11th Hollie Loper, Pekin 2:51.15

12th Kaitlyn Glosser, Pekin 2:52.99

18th Claire Epperson, Fairfield 3:19.06


1500 Meter Run

2nd A. Bloomquist, Fairfield 5:09.56

11th Danae Drish, Fairfield 5:48.88

14th Kaitlyn Glosser, Pekin 6:05.32


100 Meter Hurdles

16th Carin Corrick, Fairfield 18.13

18th Gracie Baetsle, Pekin 18.42

20th Kira Smith, Pekin 19.56

22th Carly Ferrel, Fairfield 19.67


400 Meter Hurdles

8th Kristen Daugherty, Fairfield 1:15.86

15th Kira Smith, Pekin 1:32.54


4x100 Meter Relay

7th Fairfield 53.43

Jillian Dunlap, Alexis Jones, Olivia Jones Aluna Olaniyi

14th Pekin 1:04.83

Megan Criswell, Hope Entsminger, Tara Kielkopf and Kaylee Peiffer


4x200 Meter Relay

9th Fairfield 1:56.25

Jillian Dunlap, Alexis Jones, Olivia Jones and Sophie Wallerich

15th Pekin 2:16.37

Kalee Haile, Trinity Ehret, Faith Goudy and Kira Smith


4x400 Meter Relay

7th Fairfield 4:34.38

Kara Jeffrey, Malory Jones, Hailey Pohren-Gevock and Carly Ferrel

9th Pekin 4:43.55

Cari Duwa, Sophie Wittrock, Emilee Linder and Hunter Lock


800 Sprint Medley

8th Pekin 2:00.35

Cate Roth, Gracie Baetsle, Sophie Wittrock and Emilee Linder

9th Fairfield 2:02.04

Olivia Jones, Aluna Olaniyi, Jillian Dunlap and Ashley Bloomquist


Distance Medley

4th Fairfield 4:46.38

Sophie Wallerich, Blair Bowman, Kara Jeffrey and Danae Drish

6th Pekin 4:49.89

Cate Roth, Sophie Wittrock, Emilee Linder and Remi Duwa


4x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle

9th Fairfield 1:15.06

Carin Corrick, Carly Ferrel, Aluna Olaniyi and Kristen Daugherty

10th Pekin 1:21.41

Kalee Haile, Gracie Baetsle, Faith Goudy and Kira Smith


High Jump

3rd Ellie Ledger, Pekin 5?00.00?


Long Jump

20th Blair Bowman, Fairfield 12?08.50?

23rd Kodi Dailey, Pekin 11?03.25?

24th Kaylee Peiffer, Pekin 11?01.50?


Shot Put

9th Katie Jones, Pekin 32?06.50?

10th Olivia Roberts, Fairfield 31?09.75?

17th Emi Zook, Pekin 27?04.75?

19th Phoebe Fiedler, Fairfield 26?09.50?


Discus Throw

8th Katie Jones, Pekin 86?10.50?

12th Anna Westphal, Fairfield 79?09.50?

13th Emi Zook, Pekin 75?05.50?