Trojan seniors say goodbye to football

The eight Fairfield senior football players sat down earlier this week and discussed their seasons, careers, and futures. We also found out who can sing, dance, and swoon the ladies.


First question was about each guys? role in tonight?s game at No. 1 Solon.

Hunter Hoskins, ?I need to run my routes hard every play, block when I?m not on a route, and defensively don?t get beat outside.?

Cade Lisk, ?Keep it positive with lots of energy on the sidelines so they can keep playing hard throughout the game.?

Steeler Higdon, ?On offense, I need to handle my guy on our blocking schemes. On defense just be consistent and physical.?

Brendon Lunsford, ?I just need to create gaps and holes for the defense to run through. On defense I need to blow up the center,?

Max Sullivan, ?Get the sidelines going crazy.?

Aaron Haines, ?Get everyone pumped before the game and then keep the energy positive on the sideline.?

Saban Simons, ?Be physical and don?t get beat deep.?


Hunter Hoskins said about the challenge of ending their careers on the road against the top-ranked team in 3A, ?We expect to go out their and play hard,? said Hoskins, ?We all know it?s our last game. We have nothing to lose, while Solon has a lot to lose. We?re just going to go up there and play hard and give it to them.?

As for their unity as a class, Steeler Higdon said, ?The ones who stuck is out are strong willed guys who want to be here.?

Hoskins added, ?We might not have big numbers, but we never quit.?

According to the group, Higdon is the jokester on the field. They say that day-to-day he?s always trying to have fun on the practice field. Brendon Lunsford was declared the best dancer, while Max Sullivan is the singer of the group. When it comes to smoothness, Steeler self-described himself as silky, although he couldn?t provide any evidence to back up his claim.


College plans vary for the group:

Hunter is going to attend Kirkwood and is looking into their baseball program.

Cade is playing baseball at NIACC and studying Horticulture.

Steeler is headed to Iowa State to major in Mechanical Engineering.

Brendon is leaning towards Hannibal Lagrange to study Graphic Design.

Max is looking at community colleges where he plans to sing and run track.

Aaron is excited to study accounting at UNI unless he gets any scholarship offers for golf or basketball.

Saban wants to attend a community college for Business.


Tonight?s varsity game starts at 7:30 p.m. at No. 1 Solon.