Trojan volleyball has good week of camp

Last week, Fairfield volleyball hosted a camp for players entering the eighth through twelfth grades at FHS with about 50 girls attending, which according to Head Coach Diana Drish is, ?pretty normal and where it?s been for a while now,? explained the Trojan skipper.

When asked if they girls have the talent to update the banners in the rafters, the confident leader said, ?Absolutely! This is going to be a great season to work with and a good chance to make it to state.?

As for holes in the team?s game that need addressed, Drish said, ?Right now, we?re just working fundamentals. Next week, (this week) we will start to see what areas need to be worked on.?

As for a reason for the community to believe and join the bandwagon?

?This is going to be a fun season and we have a lot of home matches,? said Drish who continued, ?People should come out and see the girls play, because they?ve worked really hard the last few years and they?re going to work really hard again this year. They have set themselves a pretty lofty goal, so come out and support them.?

As for the coaches sleeping patterns, which is typically a forecast of how the season is going.

?I have slept every night before last night,? said Diana, referring to last Thursday before the final morning of camp. ?But yes, as we edge towards [the season], I?ll get less and less sleep.?

That means it?s going to be a good year for the Trojans!