Trojans improve, Buch edges towards record


Fairfield girls? head basketball coach Brian Witzenburg made it clear Monday night that his teams? opponent was not Albia, althought the Trojans did dismantle the Blue Demons 76-27.

?Tonight, we were more or less playing against ourselves,? said Witzenburg. ?We needed to play at a fast pace and take care of the basketball, because that?s what we?re going to have to do in the postseason.?

Outscoring your opponent by an average score of 19-7 eack quarter is playing pretty fast, and when Albia did have the ball, it?s not because they took it from the Trojans.

In fact, it was the other way around.

?Shay Drish works so hard on defense,? added Witzenburg. ?And whenever she gets a steal, Nicole just takes off running and Shaylin throws it out to her. They make a great combo at the top of that zone.?

Shay hit Nicole a few times Monday to help Buch pile up 33 points, leaving her just 35 shy of becoming the schools? all-time leading scorer with one road game remaining Tuesday night at Centerville before half of Jefferson County jams into FHS Friday night to see if the record will be passed on senior night.

?I?ve said all along, Nicole is going to get hers and whatever Nicole gets, that is great,? said the coach. ?The big thing is that she leads the team in assists and steals. She?s leading in all of these areas, but leading in assists means she is also getting her teammates involved, and they are capitalizing on their opportunities.?

Centerville is just 7-9 and does not appear to be much of a threat to the No. 11 ranked Trojans who look to improve to 15-3 with just two weeks remaining in the regular season.