Trojans still mastering their craft

There?s more than 30 players on Fairfield?s 7th grade volleyball team. There?s another 20 on the eighth grade squad. 10 suited up for the Trojans as freshmen and 11 sophomores played this year.

We haven?t even discussed the dozen or so varsity players as you start to see a theme. A lot of young women play volleyball in Fairfield.

Coach Diana Drish may cheer year-round for the Trojans but she knows her time is limited with her team and that?s why the 2017 varsity volleyball team was found in their gym less than 24 hours after being eliminated 3-1 by No. 14 Fort Madison Tuesday night.

?What are you doing?? I asked the 20 year coaching veteran.

?We?re practicing?!? proclaimed Coach Drish as a smile slid across her face.

I asked her what gives, and she said the team is legally allowed to practice through the end of the state tournament. When I inquired as to what they were working on, I got the usual answer.

?The basics.? said Drish. ?Bumping and touching the ball better.?

She quickly admitted that the team just loves each other and volleyball so much that it?s hard for all of them to say goodbye.

I know I?m new to town, but I?ve been doing this a long time and I can tell you that the Fairfield volleyball team doesn?t attract 85 girls because they?re good. The Fairfield volleyball team is good for the same reason 85 girls want to represent them.

It?s also the reason none of the girls want to say goodbye.