Trojans trying to help themselves

Trojan baseball assistant Jeff Eeling has been coaching a long time, but he?s never resorted to self-help books for his players until now, although he suggests the real MVP of this story is fellow Fairfielder Cory Klehm who is helping out around the dugout.

Either way, the book in question is called ?The mental game of baseball: a guide to peak performance? by H.A. Dorfman and Karl Kuehl that can be found on Amazon for about $6 and it comes with numerous five star reviews.

Three of those reviews should be from Eeling, Klehm and Cade Lisk.

After hearing that Eeling has been working with Lisk on ?getting his front foot down earlier than he has been, because his timing was off when he was taking his stride,? Klehm found a copy of the book.

What happened between Klehm finding the copy and Lisks? first at-bat Thursday night against Mid-Prairie?

He read two chapters.

What happened during Lisk?s first at-bat?

He hit a two-run homer.

?I was trying to get his foot down earlier so he can see the ball a little bit better and his heads not moving around,? explained Eeling who added, ?and he did that in his at-bat today.?

Surrounding by smiling coaches, Eeling dreamed out loud, ?After two chapters he hit a homerun, if he reads the whole thing he may set a new state record, who knows??

If you see Mr. Lisk around town with his nose in a book, leave him alone.

The Trojans are focused on helping themselves hit more homeruns.