University of Iowa

University of Iowa

IOWA CITY -- Area students have been listed on the University of Iowa?s 2018 spring dean?s list, president?s list and spring graduates list.

The dean?s list includes:

From Brighton --Marjorie Baker and Keith Charlier;

From Fairfield -- Benjamin Anderson, Michael Corazza, Pia Fritsch, Alex Hoffmann, Zachary Martin, Elijah Parr, Jivani Rodriguez, Girindra Selleck, Jessica Titus, Hazel Ward, Erica Winslow;

From Keosauqua -- Kortney Banks, Emily Jester, Courtney Laux.

From Milton -- McKayla Boyd.

Students named to the president?s list for the spring 2018 semester included:

From Fairfield --Elijah Parr;

From Keosauqua -- Courtney Laux.

The list of spring graduates includes:

From Brighton -- Keith Charlier received a BLS-Bachelor of Liberal Studies; and Phillip Laux received a BBA-Management with Distinction and a CER-Sustainability Program;

From Douds -- Spencer Watson received a BA-Health and Human Physiology;

From Fairfield -- Michael Corazza received a BA-Ethics and Public Policy with Distinction and a BA-Philosophy with Distinction; Eugenia Davis received a BFA-Art; Michael DeAngelis received a BBA-Accounting; Riju Ghimire received a MCS-Computer Science.; Faith Murphy received a BSN-Nursing; Girindra Selleck received a BA-English; Thomas Wood received a BA-Psychology;

From Farmington -- William Cline received a BSN-Nursing-RN;

From Keosauqua -- Courtney Laux received a BS-Radiation Sciences;

From Milton -- Abagail Rider received a BA-Communication Studies and a CER-Event Planning.