UPDATED: Public Meetings


NEW -- Maharishi Vedic City City Council -- 1750 Maharishi Center Ave,, 2 p.m.:
Special meeting: Meet with representatives of IdeaLife Campus on campus development progress.



Jefferson County Health Center Board of Trustees -- Jefferson County Health Center conference room, 5:30 p.m.: call to order and dinner (county budget hearing; approve consent agenda; approve minutes; medical staff report [approve medical staff reappointments]; finance/HR committee report [approve monthly bills; CFO report for January; county budget]; CEO report [in-house MRI review; CAH annual report]; chair report). 6:30 p.m.: strategic planning.

Fairfield Planning and Zoning Commission -- Fairfield City Hall, 6 p.m.: call to order; roll call; approval of minutes; alley vacation request (Paul Glossop is requesting to vacate an approximate 5 foot portion of the east/west alley between Third and Fourth streets and Depot and Grimes avenues); petition to de-annex (Mark Hickenbottom is requesting to be de-annexed out of the city).



Lockridge City Council -- Lockridge Senior Center, 7 p.m.: call to order; approve agenda and consent agenda; Resolution No. 02-2018 Hearing for Adoption of Budget and Certification of Taxes FY 2018-19; Ordinance No. 01-2018 Building and Housing Restricted Residence Districts Adoption; Ordinance No. 02-2018 Amendment to Parking Rules, Chapter 13, with addition of Section 7, moving Section 7 Penalty to Section 8 and adding Exceptions; periodical exam report; Proclamation 50th Home Rule Anniversary; school deconstruction progress (new sinks and sewer); water/sewer grant progress; IMFOA conference; Lions pancake supper March 10; 4-H pancake breakfast; McCarty maintenance report; nuisances; parking; junk vehicles; trash in yards; blocking clear view of street entrances; Smithburg ROW, junk, fence, etc.