UPDATED: Public Meetings


Jefferson County Board of Supervisors ? no regular 9 a.m. weekly meeting.

Fairfield Public Library Board of Trustees ? Fairfield Public Library Conference Room, 5:15 p.m.: call to order (checker [Kristine Davis]); public address; approval of minutes; approval of bills; communications; librarian report; report of committees (Building Committee [solar expansion]); unfinished business (board development training); new business (confirmation that documents are signed, initialed).

NEW: Fairfield Community School District -- Administration/Curriculum/Technology Center, 6 p.m. : work session (poverty; grade alike; first semester data).



Fairfield Beautification Commission ? Fairfield City Hall, 5:15 p.m. : call to order; commissioners present; approval of minutes; projects (Rose Awards; Street Sweepers Ball June 16; nodes; Adopt-A-Spot; west entrance service sign; hanging baskets); budget; grants; nuisance reports; suggestions/comments.