UPDATED: Public Meetings


Lockridge City Council ? Lockridge Senior Center, 7 p.m.: call to order; approve agenda and consent agenda; update water/sewer project/Area 15 RCP/FRA; school demo/grant/Drish/retainage/contract/acceptance/loan payment; McCarty maintenance report; Ordinance No. 03-2018 (amend water ordinance on meter pit deadline after property has changed ownership and recorded at courthouse, must be installed within 30 days; seller must have signed disclaimer from buyer if the buyer is to pay to install new meter pit; if meter pit is not installed within 30 days, the city will have it installed at owner?s expense; shut off fees will increase to $50; deposits for water will increase to $75 and sewer to $75; water rate will increase Jan. 1, 2019, passing on increase from Fairfield Utilities); water CD renewal; Cafe Lockridge; publishing legislature; IMFOA Conference; nuisances (RS Auto; grass and weed complaints); Kenneth McCarty raise; thanks to Brad Boatman and friends for work at Little League field; thanks to Richard Richardson for helping McCarty install W meter pit valve.



Fairfield City Council Property Committee ? Fairfield City Hall, 6:30 p.m.: painting addresses on curbs; Little League lease.




Jefferson County Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors                                                                                                                        Jefferson County Courthouse



Pursuant to Chapter 21, 2011 Code of Iowa, you are hereby notified of the following meetings of the below-named body in open session.

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors will meet in the 1st floor meeting room of the Jefferson County Courthouse on:

TENTATIVE AGENDA  Dated August 31, 2018.


Monday September 3,        County Courthouse offices closed, Labor Day.


Tuesday September 4,        No Meeting.


Wednesday September 5,


Thursday September 6,


Friday September 7,