Urge adoption of ?Fetal Heartbeat? bill

To the editor:

I attended the last Legislative Breakfast at the Best Western on April 21, but couldn?t stay as long as I wanted, as I had a prior commitment to attend the Shriner?s Benefit Breakfast at the VFW.

So I am writing this letter to express my opinion on the Heartbeat Bill that is hopefully making its way through the state Legislature and will then be passed into law.

This bill states that if a heartbeat can be detected while the child is in the womb, an abortion may not be performed. Let?s see ... a heartbeat indicates what? Oh yes, a living being!

At March?s Legislative Breakfast, a young woman asked how the passage of such a bill could help women. I would like to respond to that question.

Passage of this bill would prevent the unspeakable heartbreak and regret and guilt an abortive woman will ? at some point in her life ? feel when she realizes she has intentionally killed her unborn child. I know there is healing and hope for these women, but how wonderful it would be for them not to go through all this in the first place when, instead of abortion, they can place their child in a loving home.

We read countless stories of the joy found in re-uniting with a child that was placed in an adoptive home, and was allowed to live with a family that cherished and nurtured that child.

Please, everyone, contact our representative, Phil Miller, at phil.miller@legis.iowa.gov or call him through the state switchboard at 515-281-3221 and ask him to support and vote for this bill. Iowa needs to take the lead ? to stand up for the silent ? to stand up for life. Our state and nation will be the better for it ? and countless lives will be saved.


? Karen Crossland, Fairfield


(Editor?s note: After this letter was submitted, the ?Fetal Heartbeat? bill was passed by the Iowa House of Representatives Tuesday and the Iowa Senate early Wednesday morning. As of Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Kim Reynolds had not indicated whether she would sign the bill, according to NBC News)