Urge council to vote down trash carts

To the editor:

The proposal to require city residents to pay for mandatory trash carts was debated at length last year.

We conducted a survey in which we asked city residents if they would be willing to pay an extra $1.50 a month for the carts. Over 80 percent of the 450 respondents did not want them. I agree that the carts would provide a uniform look on our streets, but I disagree that we should require citizens to pay this extra fee in order to achieve that.

Our water and sewer rates have gone up continually in recent years. We had little choice about those rate hikes, but we do have a choice about this one.

It?s clear there is no mandate from the community for them. The survey of the present ?test? group is very unrepresentative. Those people were handpicked by council members to test out the carts and may be high volume trash users who would favor them anyway.

It is not fair to require the rest of the community to pay for these carts just to have a uniform look and to make it easier for Waste Management. I strongly urge to Council to vote no on this matter.


? John Revolinski, Fairfield, former city council member