Van Buren improves road shoulders

KEOSAUQUA ? The Van Buren County Supervisors met in regular session Monday.

Van Buren County Engineer Ryne Thornburg was present to update the board on the following road projects including employee salary adjustment, bridge project on Quail Avenue, rock crushing contract, and general road maintenance.

Thornburg said contractors will pour the deck of a bridge replacement project south of Vernon this week. Thornburg said shoulder work has been done on all paved roads west of Highway 1. He also discussed an issue on 240th Street, from Highway 1 to the Lake Sugema-Lacey park entrance. Secondary road worker bladed the road and had no place to put the windrow and left it on the road. He was planning to return Thursday, but the weather did not cooperate, Thornburg said. Dust control was applied in the meantime.

? Praises were given to secondary roads for brush cutting efforts and new hires.

? If there are any issues, Thornburg urged residents to call the office. He cited one incident where a resident blocked the road to discuss an issue with a secondary road worker. ?I understand if people have a problem and we will work to resolve issues, but blocking the road crosses the line.? He said secondary workers have been instructed that it is permissible to attempt to avoid them, by driving in the ditch and going around, if possible.

? Rock crushing will begin after Labor Day.

? A motion passed by the board on March 26, 2018, concerning the appointment of Joshua Sullivan as equipment operator two was amended to reflect a salary per the 2018FY union contract, effective April 9. Wages will be $19.64 to comply with the union contract.

? On the recommendation of the county conservation board, Heather Butler, Croton, was appointed as a PT Greef Store clerk, effective April 20, 2018, at a salary of $8.45/hour.

? The following appointments were made to the Van Buren County Veterans Affairs Commission: Jammie Herring, Keosauqua-three year term ending June 30, 2020, Sam Wenke, Bonaparte-three year term ending June 30, 2021. Ayes: three.

? The board approved and the chair was authorized to sign a services agreement with the Howard E. Nyhart Company Inc. for GASB75 actuarial auditing services for the 2018FY and 2019FY. This is due to mandates from the federal government. County treasurer Linda Whitten was present to discuss possible tax compromise on a county held tax sale certificate on property in Bonaparte. The city will be contacted to see its position on a compromise.

? Board members reported on various committee meetings held including Decat, Regional Planning, SIRG, 10/15 Transit, and RPA policy board.