Wagler Campout held

Wagler Campout

The Wagler Campout began Sept. 12 at Morris Park.

Friday afternoon, the men cut and hauled wood to the campground. Another group picked wildflowers at Round Prairie Park. The flagpole and the Wagler Camping sign were set up.

Saturday evening, was the kids program at the schoolhouse. Kiera Wagler, Brooklyn Rice and Trinity Dean produced and acted out the show. They included the ?Wagler Drinking Song? written by the late Gal Wagler, other songs and the ?Chicken Dance.?

Those who passed away were remembered at the chili dump supper.

Sunday, a breakfast feast ended the weekend. Goodbyes were said, but a few stayed a couple more days.

The 23 campers: Mark and Pam Wagler, Fort Madison; Rodney and Betty Carol Wallman, Rob and Darla Chaddock, Chase, Steph and Russell Klenk, Yarmouth; Josh, Missy, Trinity and Tate Dean, Crawfordsville; Gary and Leanna Wagler, Kirstie, Kiera and Kelli Wagler, Desmond and Kailand Williams and Brooklyn Rice, Burlington; April and Blake Wagler, Mount Union.

The 20 visitors: Candy and Jace Dean, Burlington; Betty Wagler, Fairfield; Miles, Jenna and Olivia Wagler, Altoona; Sherry and Woody Swartz, Kalona; Nathan Wagler and Erin Coffey, Mt. Pleasant; Dave Throckmorton and David Poggemiller, Keosauqua; Mike Rice, Danville; Les and Kathie Loyd, New London; Jim and Deanne Graber, Eldridge; Shelly Wagler, Mediapolis; and Dave and Doris Van Alst, Stockport.