Wapello County Sheriff arrests 3 in Eldon

ELDON ? At about 2:45 p.m. Dec. 15, Wapello County Sheriff?s Office executed a search warrant at 610 Wood St. in Eldon, and as a result of the search warrant three people were arrested.

Ernest Weeks, age 71, of Eldon, was charged with possession, receipt, transportation, or dominion and control of firearms by a felon, a Class D felony. His bond is set at $5,000.

Timothy Gillespie, age 56, of Eldon, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia; FTA on violation of a restraining order (three counts), carrying of weapons (city of Eldon) and discharge of weapons (city of Eldon), all simple misdemeanors; possession of controlled substance (2nd offense) and theft (3rd aggravated misdemeanor); possession of controlled substance (two or more previous convictions), a Class D felony. Gillespie?s bond is $12,900.

Carissa Bower, age: 32, of Eldon, was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana, both of which are serious misdemeanors; and possession of drug paraphernalia, a simple misdemeanor. Bower?s bond is $2,000.