We can do better

To the editor,

In light of the raid on Midwest Precast Concrete on Wednesday, May 9, Henry County Democrats go on record expressing our dismay at the cruel and unnecessary sundering of families in our community (and across the nation). We recognize the nation?s need for secure borders and clear procedures for those who wish to cross those borders. We also believe that a nation of immigrants can and should do better in establishing reasonable and humane legislation to deal with people seeking safety and security.

Unfortunately, it seems that those currently in power have forgotten the values that over two centuries made America a haven for millions fleeing violence, oppression, and crushing poverty. We can maintain national security while preserving the dignity of all people, regardless of their current status. We can enjoy secure borders without tearing families apart. We dare not become a nation that traumatizes children for the sake of a misplaced ?nativism.? We can do better.

-Jeff Fager, Chair

Henry County Democrats