We must build bridges of understanding

To the editor:

If most Americans agree with our president that America is no longer ?great,? that we must make America ?great? again, we might ask the question, ?What made America great in the first place??

Immigrants made America great. And they will make America great again. Immigrants invigorate our democracy; they bring determination, faith, commitment, and indefatigable energy to the pursuit of a better life here. Not just for themselves but also for their children. This has been true since our country was founded. And it is still true today.

I believe that Mexico is a great country, and Mexicans are a great people. They are loving family members, hardworking, friendly and kind. They have strong religious beliefs and are notable for their decency, good faith and courage.

We owe the Mexican people the greatest consideration and respect as our neighbors.

We also owe Mexico in a material way because we more or less stole a vast territory from them in 1848.

We cannot, however, take in as many immigrants from Mexico as we would like. And we cannot allow Mexicans to come to our country illegally. We cannot allow immigrants from any country to come here illegally. We must be firm in this. The immigrants who are already here, the law-abiding hard working, family-loving immigrants, must be given a pathway to citizenship.

We must not build walls to keep our neighbors out. We must build bridges of understanding, respect and good will if we want to uphold our nation?s principles, traditions and ideals.

We will not solve the problem of illegal immigration by attacking our president, either. Opposition, obstruction and a willful lack of cooperation will only make the problem of illegal immigration worse.

We all need to remember what made America great in the past to make America great again in the future.


- Jim Turner, Fairfield