Webber warms his heart by beatboxing, clearing the zone

Trojan senior Kolten Webber is a massive beast at centerback that Mt. Pleasant Head Coach Neil Schmitz called, ?Too good, too tall and too strong? to move the ball against, let alone get into the corner and get a cross.

?It feels good to know I?m a player coaches warn their players about,? said Webber. ?That?s a great feeling, actually,? he added.

Besides soccer, Webber has a talent that once may have been reserved as a party trick, but thanks to Pitch Perfect, people no longer call it, ?That rapping thing.?

Webber is a beatboxer and has been ever since he was in sixth grade and his sister showed him a Youtube video of a performer named Dave Crowe beatboxing on the streets of New York.

?They told me I could do anything I wanted and I decided that is what I wanted to master,? boasted the soon-to-be-graduate.

Kolten then spent two years in his room pefecting his role as a self-proclaimed ?weirdo,? spitting everywhere, when one day he was in the basement ?making noises? when his mom told him to turn down the music and he went, ?YES!? and that?s when people started to enjoy it and he joined choir.

He says it?s been ?one of the funniest skills I?ve learned and it?s a great party trick.?

Webber especially loves doing the really low growls and watching people smile when they see him do something they consider inhuman.

?It?s a great feeling and it just makes my heart warm inside.?

As for a role in a possible Pitch Perfect 4?

?That?d be dope,? said Webber who is headed to Northern Iowa as an ?undecided,? although he wants to join a group and get his name out there.

Then there is his sister?s plan ...

?My sister loves to sing and play guiter and I?ve always done gigs with her and it?s always fun,? explained Webber who went on to divulge her ultimate plan.

?She wants us to move to Nashville, so I guess we?ll just wing it and go from there I guess.?