Why I love living in the Midwest

To the editor:

I have been living in the Midwest for 20 years now. I am not sure I could live in New York anymore, at least not in the city. So this letter could be about either subject: ?Why I choose to live In Iowa? or ?Why I can?t live in cities anymore.?

It always pays to be positive so I will write on what I love about Iowa, Fairfield, and the Midwest in general.

Fairfield, Iowa, is home now. That is the first and best reason I love the Midwest. I love to travel but returning home beats all when you live in a place like Fairfield, Iowa.

Here are some more reasons: I love the peace and quiet. I love the absence of traffic jams. I love the slower pace of life. I love that people take their time, stop and chat, wave and smile. I love that people are open and friendly unless you give them a reason not to be.

I love learning about the heritage of the pioneers. I love to hear farmers and old timers talk about the weather. I love the community spirit of small town Iowa. I love knowing the people I trade with at grocery stores, gas stations, repair shops, restaurants and more.

I love the local radio stations, newspapers, community calendars and seasonal celebrations. I love the wide open spaces and being able to see all the way to the horizon. I love seeing the sunset, sunrise, and the moon on a dark night.

I love seeing deer, rabbits, squirrels,and birds of an amazing variety on a daily basis. I love the public libraries, recreation centers, churches and courthouses [some people might move here only because it is so easy to renew a license or passport.]

The only thing I truly miss about the east coast is the ocean; that will always be true and I love going to the beach when I am back east.

What would surprise my friends in New York most about my favorite things here? That?s easy. I now love country music. Too many songs to mention, but ?18 wheels? is my current favorite. It may always be.

I hope I may have reminded some of you of your reasons you love to live in the Midwest, Iowa and Fairfield. If you may be so inclined, I would love to read about them, too.


? Jim Turner, Fairfield