Wisdom of Billy Graham

To the editor:

For over seven decades, William Franklin Graham brought the ?good news? of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to listeners of all faiths throughout this nation and this world. His messages of irrepressible conscience rings in the ears of a nation that seems to often ignore the only solution to the ills of mankind ? salvation through Jesus Christ.

Billy Graham during the ?Thirteenth Sermon of the Charlotte Crusade? warned: ?We in America are beginning to reap what we have sown. We have told our young people for years that morals were not absolutes. We have taken religion out of our schools, out of our teachings. What do we expect? We are reaping it among our young people, and I do not blame the teenager. I blame the generation of older people and the generations just past for creating an atmosphere and a world in which our teenagers are growing up.?

In a message on ?Christian Philosophy of Education,? Billy Graham said: ?Separation of church and state was never meant to separate schoolchildren from God! This trend to extricate God and moral teachings from the school is a diabolical scheme, and it is bearing its fruit in the deluge of juvenile delinquency that is overwhelming our nation!?

Billy Graham warned in the message ?There?s a Great Day Coming? that ?We are teaching thousands of young people in this country knowledge; but we are not helping them to know how to use that knowledge. In every area of life, people are floundering, suffering from neurosis and psychological problems on a scale that we have never known before. Our heads are empty, we have educated men without indicating the source of wisdom, and we have sent them out into the world confused, bewildered, and frustrated, without moral moorings. The Bible teaches that the prevalence of knowledge without wisdom is one of the unmistakable ?signs of the end? that Jesus talked about.

Billy Graham stated; ?One of the grant burdens on my heart at this moment is the need for Christian education. Hundreds of thousands of our young people are going to secular, humanistic, and materialistic schools and universities. Why should we Christians not provide a Christian education in a spiritual atmosphere for these students??

During the message of ?The Sin of Tolerance? Billy Graham told this nation in 1959: ?Tolerance in one sense implies the compromise of one?s convictions, a yielding of ground upon important issues. Over tolerance in moral issues has made us soft, flabby and devoid of conviction.?

Twenty-first century America is now witnessing the fact that the forces of spiritual light and darkness are at war and the conflict of more violence, hatred, prejudice, cynicism and disrespect is raging all around us. It is time for those whom by Jesus our pronouncement, are the salt of the earth the light of the world, a city set on a hill to rise up and speak up for the truth, the life, the way. ?You will only make the journey once. What kind of journey will it be?? (Billy Graham 1918-2018)


? James Lee Elliott, Fairfield