Woman charged with arson

A Fairfield woman was arrested Tuesday and charged with arson.

Fairfield police officers arrested Jessica Mae Manchester, 32, of Fairfield, who they accused of starting a fire in a washing machine in the laundry room at Monroe Apartments in the 600 block of West Monroe Avenue. She was charged with first degree arson of an occupied structure.

According to the complaint affidavit filed by officer Krista Svenby, Manchester admitted to placing trash in the washing machine and using her lighter to light it on fire. She told officers that she thought the washing machine was a burn barrel. Manchester does not reside at the apartments.

Svenby?s affidavit notes that tenants of the apartment put out the fire. Fairfield Fire Chief Scott Vaughan responded to the scene, and removed the trash from the washing machine. No fire trucks were called to the scene.