Write in Caligiuri for U.S. House

To the editor:

A heartbeat bill has been signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds.

The bill bans abortions in Iowa after the baby?s heartbeat can be detected making it one of the strongest pro-life bills in the nation. While protecting Iowa?s most innocent persons, it recognizes that babies are their own unique person, have their own DNA, and now will have their own birth day.

All this happened because Iowa pro-life legislators and governor were bold to take a stand for life. To take that same pro-life momentum to the U.S. Congress, it stands to reason that pro-life candidates need to serve there.

Iowa?s second district has just such a pro-life candidate ready to serve in D.C. when elected in the primary election.

Ginny Caligiuri is the only pro-life Republican candidate running in Iowa?s Second Congressional District. Get acquainted with her strong pro-life background on her videos at www.ginnygetsiowa.com. Also, go to www.voteforginny.com to register your support for her. You can also vote for her at the courthouse any day between now and the primary election, June 5.

Request a Republican ballot and write her name in. Be sure to print it plainly and correctly and fill in the bubble. All of this will help to ensure that many babies? lives will be saved. Have a Happy Mother?s Day!


? Emily Reneker, Douds