MEMORIALS: Fairfield Library receives new materials

The Fairfield Public Library received several memorials and gifts in October.


Given by Joanna Johnson, “Desperate Measures” by Woods.

Given by Sally Johnston, “A Spark of Light” by Picoult; “The Clockmaker’s Daughter” by Morton; “Winter in Paradise” by Hilderbrand.


In memory of Donald Angstead, given by Fairfield Weak-enders, “The Reckoning” by Grisham.

In memory of D.K. Hendricks, given by Fairfield High School Class of 1959, “The Last Punisher” by Lacz.

In memory of their children, Streetar and Josephine, given by Gary and Nan Cameron, “Rush” by Fried.

In memory of Betty Ledger, given by Karen Foreman, “Fresh Eggs Daily” by Steele.

In memory of Jim Manley, given by Fairfield High School Class of 1959, “The Long Haul” by Murphy.

In memory of Betty Keller Topping, given by John Topping Sr. Family, “Goodnight Anne” by George.


Given by an anonymous donor, “The Lost Carousel of Provence” by Blackwell.

Given by Joe Mandarino, “Absurdistan” by Shteyngart; “American Like Me” by Ferrera; “American Pastoral” by Roth; “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” by Green; “Are You Sleeping” by Barber; “Conversations With Friends” by Rooney; “Fashion Climbing” by Cunningham; “Lying in Wait” by Nugent; “Next Year in Havana” by Cleeton; “Outside the Wire” by Kander; “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Lukianoff; “The Fifth Risk” by Lewis; “The Fighters” by Chivers; “The Spy and the Traitor” by MacIntyre; “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Owens; “Winners Take All” by Giridharadas.

Given by Lindsay DeLashmutt, “Green Acres, Season 3” (DVD).

Given by the author, David T. Hanson, “Waste Land” by Hanson.

Given by the author, Jay A. Schulberg, “Acts of Our Gentle God” by Schulberg.

Given by the author, Yamuna Ridgley, “Around and Around We Found a Most Amazing Town” by Ridgley.

Given by The Dave Randall Estate, “A Prayer for the Dying” (DVD); “Atlantic City” (DVD);“Black Widow” (DVD); “Blow Out” (DVD); “Call Northside 777” (DVD); “Chant II” (CD) by Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos; “Chant III” (CD) by Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos; “Chant IV” (CD) by Schola Cantorum of Cologne; “Dangerous Crossing” (DVD); “High Crimes” (DVD); “High Spirits” (DVD); “Kingdom of Heaven” (DVD); “Kinsey” (DVD);“Ledbetter Heights” (CD) by Shepherd; “Lethal Weapon 1/2/3” (DVD); “Losing Isaiah” (DVD); “Mercury Rising” (DVD); “Señor Blues” (CD) by Taj Mahal; “Shining Through” (DVD); “Silkwood” (DVD); “Support Your Local Gunfighter” (DVD);“The Best of Friends” (CD) by Hooker; “The Bounty” (DVD); “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” (DVD); “The Siege” (DVD); “Third Degree” (CD) by Winter; “Trouble Is ...” (CD) by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band.

In honor of 100th Crile Reunion--July 2017, given by John Phillip Crile (Gruel) and Gottliebie (Kull) descendants, “The Family Tree Toolkit” by Berry.

In honor of Savhannah, given by Liza, “Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD), ADHD and the Bipolar Child Under DSM-5” by Finnerty.


For information about becoming involved with Fairfield Public Library’s Adopt-An-Author, Adopt-A-Magazine, Wish Tree list or about presenting memorials and gifts to the library, call 472-6551.