Pence names November Trojan Superstars


Pence Elementary School's second-grade November Trojan Superstars are, from left, Sydney Stresterfer, Alex Creer, Ryder Cronk, Andin Lyon and Hank Roberts.
PHOTO SUBMITTED Pence Elementary School's second-grade November Trojan Superstars are, from left, Sydney Stresterfer, Alex Creer, Ryder Cronk, Andin Lyon and Hank Roberts.

Pence Elementary School has recognized its November Trojan Superstars; students who exemplify the Trojan Traits — respectful, responsible and safe — in and out of the classroom.

Pence Principal Angela Jones said the recipients in each class were:

2T — “Hank Roberts is a Trojan Superstar!!! Every morning Hank gets ready for school and is usually the first one with all his morning duties completed and he is working on his morning work. He is a hard worker and is always trying his best. He is a good friend to others and is always cheerful and has a great smile on his face every day! Hank participates in group and is always ready to help if needed. He also has a good supply of jokes if you need one to brighten your day! Thanks for being a great classmate, friend, and hard worker!! You are a Trojan Superstar!!”

2H — “Andin Lyon is our November Trojan Traits Superstar! He is someone we can all count on to help and model expectations in and outside the classroom. He knows what is right and makes those choices even when he’s not being watched. Andin is kind and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He puts forth the effort whether that be in class discussions, working in groups or working by himself. His Trojan Traits shine on a daily basis! Keep up the good work, Andin!”

2B — “Ryder Cronk is a Trojan Superstar! Ryder is always kind, caring, and respectful to all students and adults. He makes good choices and is a positive role model. He shows respect by being a good listener when others are speaking, and always follows directions. Ryder demonstrates responsibility by working hard and always trying his very best. He turns in his homework on time. Ryder shows what it means to be safe at school by walking in the halls, and playing at recess. Keep up the good work, Ryder. You are truly a Trojan Super Star!”

2J — “Alex Creer is our November Trojan Trait Superstar! He is someone I can count on to be an example for others in the classroom. He works hard each and everyday. He is focused on showing his best work during all of our activities. He is a leader in the classroom and is ready to help whenever he is needed. He always has a smile to brighten our classroom. Alex is quick to congratulate others on their accomplishments also! He is a great encourager! Thank you for being a Trojan Trait Superstar Alex!”

2M — “Sydney Stremsterfer is the Trojan Super Star for Mrs. Meyers’s class! Sydney is such a sweet classmate! She goes out of her way to help those around her, both students and teachers. While thinking of others, Sydney still makes sure to get her jobs done. She shows responsibility by remembering tasks that she has not completed and finds time to get them done either at recess or in her extra time. Thank you for all you do for our class, Sydney!”

3H — “Alyssa Smith is the November 3H Trojan Super Star! Alyssa brings the Trojan Traits to life. She is respectful to her teacher and classmates by using kind words and being friendly to all. Alyssa’s smile brightens our classroom. Alyssa takes responsibility for her own actions and effort while working on individual and group assignments. She can be counted on to contribute to classroom discussions and share the load when working with a partner. She models safety in the classroom, hallway, and playground. Alyssa is a true Trojan Super Star!”

3S — “For 3S, our Trojan Trait Superstar is Abraham Antonio. Abraham always shows he is respectful by working well with his group, helping anyone that needs help, and doing anything he can to help any teacher. Abraham is always showing he is responsible by making sure his homework is turned in on time, and early when he can. He also shows he is responsible by being prepared for each and every subject right when the bell rings. Finally, Abraham shows that he is safe within the classroom by following each rule placed in front of him. Abraham is a wonderful example of how to be a superstar!”

3F — “Jude Kelly is 3F’s Trojan Superstar! Jude is always ready to learn and has an amazing attitude towards school. He is a responsible student by working hard on each assignment and activity. He makes sure everyone in his group is on task. He contributes thoughts and ideas in class discussions. Jude is respectful to his classmates and his school. He shows he is safe at his school everywhere he goes. Thank you Jude for modeling Trojan Traits every single day!”

3L — “Liana Rodriguez is the November Trojan Superstar for 3L. She is always a great friend and is eager to make new friends and include others that don’t have someone to play with. Liana is respectful to herself, her classmates, and the school. She always treats everyone and everything with kindness. Liana shows responsibility by completing her work in a timely fashion and always being prepared with her student planner. She also shows what it means to be a safe Trojan on the playground and in the halls by following the safety expectations. Liana truly is a Trojan Superstar!”

3R — Joshua Taft is a superstar in room 3R! Joshua walks in every morning with both a smile on his face and an eagerness to learn. He is safe every day by walking in the classroom and all other parts of the building and keeping his hands and feet to himself. He is respectful by listening when others are speaking and following directions. He is responsible by keeping his area tidy and turning in his work promptly. Joshua is a true role model. Thank you, Joshua, for being such an awesome Trojan Trait Superstar!”

4D — “Aiden Porter is 4D’s November superstar! He is consistently setting a good example for others both in and out of the classroom. Aiden does a great job of staying focused and getting his work done in class. When he completes his work he helps explain the task to others. He is kind and respectful to all adults and his peers. Aiden accepts others for who they are and respects differences. Thank you, Aiden, for being such a great role model, classmate, and all around person! I am proud to have you as our November Trojan Traits Superstar!”

4N — “Ella Bentler is 4N’s Trojan Superstar! Ella follows the rules and is respectful to adults and peers. She listens to others’ points of view and is accepting of their ideas. Ella is sensitive of the needs of others. She goes out of her way to make everyone around her feel special. Her ability to keep a positive attitude is contagious and appreciated. I often hear Ella encouraging her peers to be their best as well. The world could use a few more awesome humans like Ella Bentler!”

4F — “Michael Keseru is my November Superstar! He is kind, respectful, and responsible. I can count on him to follow directions even if others around him are not. Michael works great with partners, helps others, and is a good role model. He works hard, tries his best, and turns work in on time. Michael is a good friend to his classmates. He is helpful, kind, and willing to work well with anyone in our class. Michael truly represents a great 4th grade Trojan Trait Superstar!”

4R — “Laney Bowers is a Trojan Trait Superstar. She is kind and caring, and strives to be a respectful and responsible classmate. She is very accepting of all her peers, and is a friend to everyone. She is a team player and willing to collaborate with her group in any situation. Laney is a quiet leader, and leads by example with her actions and words in school. Lastly, she shows great determination when faced with any situation and never gives up. I am honored to recognize Laney Bowers as the 4R November Trojan Superstar!”

4T — “Jaden Haynes is my November Trojan Superstar! She is respectful, responsible, and safe both in and out of the classroom. She goes above and beyond when she is in the classroom to get her work done, help others, and stays on task! Jaden is a great role model for her peers and others in the school. She is very helpful and welcoming to those around her. She is always willing to help her partner and work as a team when we are collaborating with other classmates. Thank you Jaden for all that you do for our class!”