Almost 270,000 gallons in new overflows

The city of Fairfield experienced five sanitary sewer overflows Wednesday.

The city received up to 2 inches of rain in some areas which has tallied up to 4-7 inches of rain during the last six days. The excess rain resulted in almost 270,000 gallons of sanitary sewer overflows today. That is on top of the 670,000 gallons in overflows the city reported Wednesday.

The city of Fairfield is actively working towards eliminating overflows. Step 1 of the sanitary sewer replacement has been completed with the treatment facility currently in reconstruction. Step 2 of the sanitary sewer replacement has been designed and will soon be going out to bid.

Wastewater superintendent Shawn Worley said the city has already made significant progress in cutting down its sanitary sewer overflows. He said they are about one-third of what they were just a few years ago. Worley said the city should expect to see even bigger gains when the wastewater treatment facility’s renovation is complete.