Election brings out more than half of county's registered voters

More than half of Jefferson County’s 10,432 registered voters (68.36 percent) cast 7,131 ballots in the General Election Tuesday, which was a good turnout according to Abbie DeKleine, the county’s election clerk.

The unofficial results tabulated in county were:

U.S. Representative, District 2: Dave Loebsack (DEM), 4,187; Christopher Peters (REP), 2,639; Mark David Strauss (LIB), 135; Daniel Clark, 39.

Governor/Lieutenant Governor: Fred Hubbell/Rita Hart (DEM), 3,737; Kim Reynolds/Adam Gregg (REP), 3,141; Jake Porter.Lynne Gentry (LIB), 129; Gary Siegwarth/Natalia Blaskovich, 45.

Secretary of State: Deidre DeJear (DEM), 3,486; Paul D. Pate (REP), 3,255; Jules Ofenbakh (LIB), 182.

Auditor of State: Rob Sand (DEM), 3,759; Mary Mosiman (REP), 2,908; Fred Perryman (LIB), 206.

Treasurer of State: Michael L. Fitzgerald (DEM), 4,081; Jeremy N. Davis (REP), 2,623.

Secretary of Agriculture: Tim Gannon (DEM), 3,641; Mike Naig (REP), 2,943; Rick Stewart, 282.

Attorney General: Tom Miller (DEM), 5,205; Marco Battaglia (LIB), 1,405.

State Senator, District 41: Mary S. Stewart (DEM), 3,546; Mariannette Miller-Meeks (REP), 2,676.

State Representative, District 82: Phil Miller (DEM), 3,914; Jeff Shipley (REP), 2,333.

State Representative, District 84: Joe Mitchell (REP), 513; Jason Moats (DEM), 226.

Board of Supervisors: Daryn J. Hamilton (DEM), 3,373; Richard “Dick” Reed (REP), 3,263.

County Treasurer: Mark Myers (DEM), 4,638; Tammy Jones (REP), 2,101; Kesha Nelson (LIB), 230.

County Recorder: Kelly Spees (DEM), 5,817 votes.

County Attorney: Chauncey Moulding (DEM), 3,508; Timothy Wayne Dille (REP), 3,408.

Blackhawk Township Trustee: No candidates filed.

Blackhawk Township Clerk: Dennis Lock, 130.

Buchanan Township Trustee: No candidates filed.

Buchanan Township Clerk: Joesph McLarney, 229.

Cedar Township Trustee: Tim Tedrow, 177.

Cedar Township Clerk: No candidate filed.

Center Township Trustee: Phillip Gevock, 419.

Center Township Trustee (vote for two): Frank Redeker, 329; Ben Huff, 328.

Center Township Clerk: James Flinspach, 404.

Des Moines Township Trustee: Dean Adam, 128.

Des Moines Township Clerk: Ben Godwin, 136.

Liberty Township Trustee: No candidate filed.

Liberty Township Clerk: No candidate filed.

Lockridge Township Trustee: Philip Countryman, 135.

Lockridge Township Clerk: No candidate filed.

Locust Grove Township Trustee: Randy Major, 105.

Locust Grove Township Clerk: Eugene R. Person, 103.

Penn Township Trustee: Calvin Jones, 125.

Penn Township Trustee (to fill a vacancy): Kurt Ledger, 131.

Penn Township Clerk: Bryan Lauderman, 128.

Polk Township Trustee: Mike Myers, 92.

Polk Township Trustee (to fill a vacancy): John Joseph Greiner, 88.

Polk Township Clerk: David Hollingsworth, 94.

Round Prairie Township Trustee: No candidate filed.

Round Prairie Township Clerk: No candidate filed.

Walnut Township Trustee: No candidate filed.

Walnut Township Clerk: Marjorie Van Winkle, 68.

County Public Hospital Trustee (vote for two): Greg Hanshaw, 4,624; Trent Hammes, 4,139.

Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioner (vote for two): Ray Woody, 4,545; Doug Schultz, 4,041.

Agricultural Extension Council Members (vote for five): Susie Drish , 3,836; Cory Klehm, 3,586; Shelley Moothart, 3,077; Christine Engwall, 2,873; John Peck, 2,692; Ron Bower, 2,403; Jay Giltner, 1,863.

Retain Appeals Judge Anuradha Vaitheswaran: yes, 3,685; no, 1,498.

Retain Appeals Judge Michael R. Mullins: yes, 3,880; no, 1,131.

Retain Appeals Judge Mary Ellen Tabor: yes, 3,837; no, 1,159.

Retain District Judge Myron Gookin: yes, 4,826; no, 901.

Retain District Judge Shawn R. Showers: yes, 3,679; no, 1,201.

Retain District Judge Crystal S. Cronk: yes, 4,008; no, 1,094.

Retain District Judge Lucy J. Gamon: yes, 4,024; no, 1,071.

Retain Associate District Judge Daniel P. Kitchen: yes, 3,992; no, 1,024.

Jefferson County Public Measure A: yes, 1,340; no, 805. Jefferson County’s Local Option Sales and Services Tax expires the end of June 30, 2019. This measure renewed the tax for another 10 years.

Batavia Public Measure B: yes, 113; no, 31. Batavia’s Local Option Sales and Services Tax expires the end of June. This measure renewed the tax for another 10 years.

DeKleine explained the township trustee and township clerk elections that had no candidates will be decided by the write-in votes. The person with the most write-in votes will be asked to serve. If that person declines the opportunity, the person with the second amount of write-in votes will be asked, and on down the line.

DeKleine added that if there is a tie for the write-ins, for example if two people each have one vote, the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors will draw lots – basically, a name out of a hat – to decide who gets asked first to accept the position.

Approximately 200 ballots are still outstanding. DeKleine was working on provisional ballots this morning, and absentee ballots, if postmarked no later than Nov. 5 and delivered to the courthouse by noon Nov. 13, can still be counted.

The supervisors plan to canvass the votes Nov. 13, but no time had been set as of this morning.