Fire destroys house in Lockridge

LOCKRIDGE – A fire in Lockridge destroyed a man’s home and business.

A garage belonging to Mike Emerson, who lives on East Main Street, caught fire around 1 p.m. Friday. The fire destroyed the garage, Emerson’s house (from which he has run a mechanics shop) and a nearby antique gas station from the 1920s. Emerson was not home at the time of the fire. Both of his dogs were able to escape.

Lockridge Fire Chief Charlie Johnson said firefighters were not able to enter the house to battle the blaze because electric wires were down in the area.

“It was mostly a defensive fight,” he said.

Johnson said the main suspect in starting the fire is a wood stove, though he’s still not certain about that.

Lockridge called Fairfield to provide mutual aid. Fairfield Fire brought a tanker and a pumper, though Lockridge Fire did not end up needing the equipment, just the manpower.

Firefighters spent three hours knocking down the flames, then returned in the evening to extinguish hot spots within what remained of the structures.

“A little bit of the house is still up, but it’s unlivable,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the American Red Cross has been called to assist Emerson.