Volunteers, homes needed for RAGBRAI

They are coming! The RAGBRAI bike riders and their support staff, some 15,000-20,000 strong, will be arriving in Fairfield on Thursday, July 25.

Fairfield RAGBRAI’s housing committee is looking for individuals who are interested in hosting riders. There will be approximately 400 to 800 requests from individuals and groups looking for a yard to set up tents for the night. Besides a place to set up a tent, the riders would like access to a bathroom and shower, if possible.

According to previous hosts, you can expect to have well-behaved and appreciative guests. Most riders arrive mid to early afternoon and will be gone by 9 a.m. the next morning. Darien Sloat, housing chair, remarked that this is a great opportunity to show “Fairfield Nice” and meet interesting people.

Volunteer committees

Another opportunity to become involved with RAGBRAI is through the volunteer committee. Dawn Bechtel, Chair of the volunteer committee, stated that there are many different ways to volunteer. Volunteers are needed at the campgrounds, beverage garden and the information booths. Also, volunteers are needed the night before and the morning of to help decorate.

According to Dawn, “We need people from artists to create decorations to people to help with sanitation. You can help before, during, or after RAGBRAI. It will take many hands to make this a special day for Fairfield.”

The housing and volunteer form can be found online at The forms can be filled out online or printed and mailed to Fairfield RAGBRAI, P.O. Box 1164, Fairfield, Iowa 52556. Paper forms are also available at the Fairfield Chamber Office.

People to contact for more information:

Dawn Bechtel, Volunteer Chair, 641-919-2209

Darien Sloat, Housing Chair, 641-919-0550

Dorian Atwood, Marketing, 641-919-9423