Don't let our elders go hungry

To the editor:

I am writing with concerns about The Ledger article on Oct. 23 regarding funding from Milestones for the senior center. First off, it seems the heading was misleading as it sounds as if the Board of Supervisors wants to cut funding to Milestones for our senior meals.

As a volunteer who has transported senior meals to the Lockridge senior site from the Fairfield site for the last 11 months, I have seen the benefits of good nutritious meals provided for those who are no longer able to prepare a complete meal for themselves.

I have read with interest, the articles in The Ledger about food insufficiency in Jefferson County that the Board of Supervisors and other agencies have joined in concern about in the last year. I really would hate to see the board contribute to food insufficiency for our elder citizens by cutting funds for their meals. These are the people who helped lay the foundation for the wonderful city and county we are fortunate to live in.

It is not only the food provided, but the conversation and companionship that those who gather at the center experience is priceless.

-Diane Brokken