Letters to the Editor

Christmas box packing great success

To the editor:

Once again, the spirit of giving time and energy was alive and well throughout Fairfield during the Lord’s Cupboard of Jefferson Country Christmas Box distribution project.

Over 480 families consisting of over 1,200 people were provided food for the holidays.

The board of directors and staff of the Lord’s Cupboard would like to extend our thanks to all those in our community that so willingly supported this project in some way that makes this project possible. The following thank you list helps everyone in our community see just how many hundreds of hands it takes and how much is involved to implement this project. Every single business, group, and individual is critical.

Thank you to Jan Fontana, Sally Johnston, and Ron Hunerdosse for their willingness to be team leaders throughout the four months of organization that this project requires. Special thanks to Rusty Muntz for taking on a major role throughout the entire staging and implementation process.

Thank you to the First Church of the Nazarene for allowing us to use their facility to stage, package and distribute the food boxes; Connelly Inc. for the use of trash receptacles and quick service throughout the project; Creative Edge for storing 500 banana boxes; Dexter Laundry for providing a truck and manpower to move the banana boxes to the distribution site; and Joe Carr for managing the massive amount of cardboard that is produced throughout the preparation and distribution of the boxes.

We thank Anderson Tooling for forklift support and driver; Justin Clements for forklift support; Hill Phoenix for the cardboard inserts used with the banana boxes; Larry Bentler for candy bars for the over 1200 recipients; and Frontline Printing for the quick turnaround of time sensitive printing.

A debt of gratitude is owed to Libertyville Savings Bank for support of the recipient mailing; Melvin Diehl for his help and use of his enclosed trailer for transporting food to the distribution site and delivery of boxes; the Knights of Columbus, Jim Flinspach and Farm Bureau members, and many friends for your help in moving food from the Cupboard and staging the food in preparation of packing the boxes.

We couldn’t have done it without a platoon of Hy-Vee staff who transported literally tons of food from the store and helping to stage it for distribution across two very early mornings; Fairfield Public Works for delivery and use of barricades; numerous current and former school administrators, teachers and many friends for packing perishable bags and boxes the day of the distribution; the National Guard team members who were a tremendous help in carrying food boxes for recipients, moving all remaining food and materials back to the Cupboard, and returning the Nazarene Center to its original condition; and the multitude of volunteers that help prepare the banana boxes and food for packing, as well as all those that actually pack the boxes.

The Christmas Box project would not be possible without the very generous contributions of food and money from many churches, organizations, and individuals throughout the community.

Again, thank you and blessings to each and every one of you! Until next year!