Letters to the Editor

Glad Legislature approved transportation dollars for schools

On a recent Thursday afternoon, my wife Connie and I attended a vocal music performance for one of our grandsons. We got there early and sat in the front row. For one half hour we listened to the voices of our future.

All the kids were happy and enjoyed singing, playing percussion and playing their recorders (plastic flutes).

It was just one of the many events Connie and I have been attending for our grandchildren recently. It brings back so many great memories of our own four grown children’s activities when they were in school in Fairfield. We can even remember when we had some of those amazing experiences as kids in Iowa public schools.

I am so proud of Iowa public schools and it’s one of the reasons I served on the school board in Fairfield. We’re lucky to have such great teachers and school leaders who care about our kids and work so hard everyday.

That’s why I was pleased to see the Iowa Legislature finally take action to provide additional dollars to pay for transportation costs in rural areas like ours and help local schools make infrastructure improvements. Both were championed by the late Rep. Curt Hanson during his time in the Iowa House.

Both are good news for our public schools and another step in making our schools the best in the nation again.