Letters to the Editor

Half a percent not enough for teachers

To the editor:

Fairfield Community School Board has decided to offer their teachers a .55 percent raise. Anyone who works anywhere realizes that this is totally inadequate.

I volunteer at Washington and Pence school offering around 20 hours a week to help the students in this district. I know the motivation, dedication and hard work all these teachers perform every school day that I am there. You have to think how these teachers are struggling to make ends meet while striving to help each student in their classroom. I know my comments will make no difference but I wanted to state that this is unacceptable as a humane attempt to compensate these people.

Here are the percentages from some of the local districts that have already settled this year or the numbers for multi-year contracts.

Cardinal – 2.87 percent raise

Columbus – 0.7 percent

Indianola – 1.96 percent

Keokuk – 2.5 percent

Martensdale-St. Mary’s – 2.6 percent

Mid-Prairie EA – 3.06 percent

Mid-Prairie Classified Staff – 3.08 percent

Moulton-Udell – 3.82 percent

North Mahaska – 1.74 percent

PCM – 3.11 percent

Southeast Warren – 2 percent

Tri-County – 2.86 percent

Winfield-Mt. Union – 0.65 percent

Fairfield teachers deserve better than 0.55 percent.