Letters to the Editor

Interstate speeds too high

To the editor:

This letter is in reference to Monday’s page 1 article “Three killed in Highway 34 accident Sunday.”

Those multi-vehicle pile-ups should rightly be blamed on the increased speed limits, and the fact there is little or no speed enforcement on those big rig trucks. They’ll use up all the posted limit intended for “ideal conditions” and go as fast in dense fog or on ice, and when they crash into the rear of other vehicles, they say “the weather is to blame.”

Until the lawmakers and safety personnel make those 80,000-pound machine drivers cut their speed to “reasonable and proper” in adverse conditions, we’re idiots to believe we’re so safe in that asinine nanny seat belt. As it now is the law enforcement personnel don’t enforce any “reasonable and proper” speed in adverse conditions, but have gone to enforcing “nanny laws” which are easier and less dangerous for them to enforce.

Fatalities are running twice as high with the 70 mph on our rural Iowa interstate as they were during 1984-87 when limited to 55 mph, but the bean counters dump those interstate fatalities into the “total statewide numbers” to hide this ugly truth.