Letters to the Editor

Kindness from your city

To the editor:

On the first day of the Vietnam Memorial, a friend and I drove to Fairfield from Cedar Rapids to visit it.

We parked, put our purses into the trunk and shut it. As I turned around I realized I had just locked my car keys in the trunk. One of the volunteers named Bob realized what I had done and came over to help.

I did not have access to my information for AAA but since Bob was a member, he called them for me. I was able to arrange someone to come and get me into the car.

Bob said he knew the people that would be coming, so he told us to go on to the display and he would come and get us when help arrived. The young man that came was very nice and had the car unlocked in a very short time.

What could have turned a fun day into a not so good day was handled nicely by the kindness of helpful people. Way to go, Fairfield.

- Sue Gearhart, Cedar Rapids