Letters to the Editor

List of twins from a century ago

To the editor:

As promised, this week I am quoting from a June 9, 1926 Ledger.

I recognize few of the names and assume it does *not* include pupils in all the 58 rural one room schools.

“According to school census, there are thirteen pairs of twins in Fairfield between ages of 5 and 21.”

1906 Laura and Elizabeth Long

1907 Ada and Fred Smith

1907 Verle and Merle Hagans

1912 Delbert and Elbert Buttery

1913 Justus and Justine Webb

1913 Marjorie and Margaret Rodenmayer

1913 Elizabeth & Juliette Crabbe

1914 May and Mayne Stinson

1914 Hazel and Delmar Taylor

1915 Frances Louise & Ernest Switzer

1916 Helen and Howard Streed

1919 Merle and Mildred Ullrich

1920 Howard and Jack Mehaffey

It did make me wonder how many twins are in our current system. Also how many children in each grade, and average

number of children in each current classroom.......14 or 24? Does each classroom have the teacher plus one full time helper?

Statistics we never get to see published. Anyone want to share for all of us to read?