Letters to the Editor

Opting out of Alliant's roll out

This Wednesday, Dec. 5, in Des Moines, the Iowa Utilities Board will decide whether Iowa citizens can opt out of Alliant’s installation of the controversial smart meters and keep their harmless, efficient analog meters. I want the IUB to require that Alliant allow consumers to choose analog meters as their opt choice.

Hundreds of cities across the US and several countries around the world (England, Australia, France pending) have voted to give its citizens the ability to “opt out” of the replacement of their safe analog meter with a smart meter. Thanks to a dedicated group of Fairfield citizens,

I have been educated about the health dangers and privacy issues surrounding smart meters.

Now that I have a full understanding of the long-term potential carcinogenic effects of smart meters, I believe mandating that all Alliant customers install these meters is a violation of my basic human right to take measures to protect myself against factors I consider a health threat. Unlike cell phones, where I can choose how to manage my degree of exposure, smart meters send radio frequency signals through my home 24/7 and cannot be turned off.

The IUB said that it wants to hear from Alliant customers. We can still weigh in on their decision. Before the hearing, please call and set up a complaint with IUB. Today, I also called Alliant to opt out requesting an analog meter.

- Judith Hans-Price, Fairfield Iowa