Letters to the Editor

Time to exit out of Alliant relationship

To the editor:

This week we all received a notice from Alliant Energy of another “Notice of proposed electric rate increase.”

Once again, Alliant is asking for approval of a substantial rate increase for our county. According to the request, the “Typical Overall Change” for a Residential customer would equal a 24.45 percent increase!

They are also seeking a 25 percent base rate increase for natural gas for a typical residential customer. Rates are already high, with a significant percentage of our residents being unable to make their payments each month.

Having lived in Fairfield for 34 years, I have seen electrical rates skyrocket under Alliant’s dominion, ever since their predecessor was allowed to purchase Iowa Southern Utilities back in 1991. I believe it is time for our community to stand up to this form of financial tyranny. Alliant has also taken steps to discourage the financial benefits of net metering, and installation of solar panels.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that Alliant is placing their self-interest ahead of the citizens’ interests. I suggest we take seriously the opportunity for our community to “exit out” of this relationship. Every 25 years the contract expires, and that opportunity is upcoming. Given ever-evolving solar efficiencies and lowered costs, along with dramatically improving battery storage technologies, we have the opportunity to create something magnificent for our community.

We could also gain control of the “smart meter” issue, as many believe it to be a serious health issue. This will happen only *if* we exit out of Alliant’s contract.

What sayeth ye?

- Ed Noyes, Fairfield