Letters to the Editor

Women make me a better man

To the editor: I have looked up to men all my life. I have wanted to emulate them; be like them. I have sought out mentors, advisors even surrogate older brothers. I have idolized a few athletes, politicians, writers and artists.

But it is only the love of a woman that has made me want to be a better man. It is only women who by their goodness, inner beauty and natural, unfeigned virtue, have made me want to be my better self.

And it has been only the thought of one woman, my mother, that has prevented me from doing things I was tempted to do but would otherwise be ashamed of.

It is only the love of a woman and my love for her that has made me truly happy in my life. The love of anyone can bring out the best in us.

The love we feel for others shows us our true nature, our true self, the beauty of our soul and the generosity of our spirit. As our love grows for others we also grow in our certain faith that we are loved by the God above us. And we know that all is right with the world.